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Axstar body outline

Axstar by Ibanez

Recognize that shape? It belongs exclusively to a small, yet diverse, run of guitars produced during the mid-eighties under the logo "Axstar by Ibanez".

Axstar owners have been very generous with information and tips. This website is a reflection of what I am learning from a community of fans, owners and collectors. If you have (or want) additional information, please e-mail me. I might have heard something that didn't make it to the site yet, or maybe know someone else to ask. (contact info)
*If you own an Axstar*, please send me a quick e-mail that includes the serial number and model/color so I can add yours to the database. Thanks!

Looking for a very rare Axstar? There's a Rare Axstar Steinberger-licensed bass (AXB-1000) on eBay. Looks to be in good condition, too! (November 19, 2007)
For sale: There's a 5-string bass on eBay right now, a 1986 model with the active pickups. [There's also a Cimar guitar which claims to be from the same factory as the Axstars...don't know much about those.] (November 19, 2007)
Note: I'm still here. I've got some pictures, and would love to hear more about the Stratocaster and Crusher guitars. I've also got a new instruction sheet for the headless instruments thanks to "dirtcruzer"! (August 17, 2007)
Big thanks: Thank you Jerry of the Ibanez Register for the color 1986 catalog. I've replaced the photocopies Scott generously sent with the more complete color version.
Info request: Any original wiring diagrams? I've posted an '86 one found on ICW, and could draw up some from my two models if anybody needs it.
Info request: Does anyone have more information about the 1984 Axstars? I've seen a couple now.
Info request: Likewise for the Tele Axstars. Thanks to Roland for convincing me of their existence. Did these make it into a catalog?
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Axstar by Ibanez 1985 Catalog Cover '85 Axstar Electric Guitar & Bass catalog (pdf)
Axstar by Ibanez 1986 Catalog Cover '86 Axstar Electric Guitar & Bass catalog (pdf)
Wire mess ('84 Axstar) '86 Axstar EQ diagram (jpg)
(found on ICW forum)
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Axstar guitar and case About my first Ibanez Axstar
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