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Site news

(16 Jan 2007) Announcing a side project hosted on this site! A glob of nerdishness is a joint effort between myself and Hjon, a friend since college. The plan is for us to keep posting links that are interesting to us, which will theoretically be interesting to others. Feel free to chime in and let us know what you like!

(4 Jan 2007) I trashed all the old WordPress "glob" stuff. Sorry if that broke a feed you were using, but I didn't have a spam filter running, my browser hung trying to mark 671 junk comments as spam via the admin interface, and I was generally sick of the whole old mess. Stay tuned for a potential reinstall of WordPress tuned to a different purpose.

(19 Dec 2006) At last an update! I've done a rough conversion of my old glob over at thoughts. The old comments don't show up yet, and sorry about the mojibake — I'm hoping this is a work in progress and not a final draft. (Though I'm thinking the comment system per se won't come back, since I don't post nearly enough to attract anything but spam.) Thanks for visiting!

(21 June 2006) Woah! This is different, eh? The ugly templatey glob thing has been banished to "thoughts" and will hopefully get blended better with the rest in the future. If you had never visited "natevw's website" before...this is it. Enjoy!

(21 June 2006) Moving site to new domain. Made homepage more useful with menu. Added "thoughts" category and used some rewrite rules to support old feed links. Adjusted a few CSS alignments. Mademy own 404 page.

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