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Axstar body outline

Axstar by Ibanez

Pictures of my Axtars

(About my Ibanez Axstar)  first picture >>
axstar_pic1.html As it was when I bought it
axstar_pic2.html Right after cleaning it up
axstar_pic3.html Axstar guitar and OHSC
axstar_pic4.html Two humbuckers, non-locking tremolo
axstar_pic5.html Non-locking graphite nut, string tree holes
axstar_pic6.html Tremolo close-up
axstar_pic7.html The Axstar's not a Flying V
axstar_pic8.html 1984 Axstar, blue
axstar_pic9.html Close-up of bridge/conrols
axstar_pic10.html Closeup of bridge/humbucker/single coil
axstar_pic11.html Standard Axstar body shape, H-S-S configuration, note locking bridge
axstar_pic12.html Head, string trees, graphite nut
axstar_pic13.html F840668 serial tag