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Axstar body outline

Axstar by Ibanez

[AX'84' Pic]
1984 model, made in Japan. Passive H-S-S configuration. Volume, tone (pickup blend), tone (low-pass filter) and a 3-way toggle. String trees up top, but locking bridge quite similar to non-locking bridge on some '85 models with Phillips-head tightened inserts.
F840668 blue currently own
A850016 blue, note 1985 serial on eBay
[Telecaster-like Pic]
Tele body
The phantom Telecaster Axstar. This one is black with grey binding. The binding runs up the neck, leading me to believe this is not a homebrew guitar. This has had one of the original Axstar pickups and control knobs replaced, but the owner claims everything else is original.
[AX40 Pic]
1985 model, made in Japan. The '85 catalogue models have light basswood bodies, bolt-on maple necks and 25.5" rosewood fingerboards with 22 frets. Most models have a locking tremolo along with a graphite nut. The bridge is listed as OGE1086TFB in the catalogue. Passive electronics.
The AX40BK is black, H-H with one volume, one tone and a 3-way toggle switch.
A850018 mentioned on ICW
A850076 non-locking tremolo system mine
J850125 eBay
J850200 new pickups installed Sweden
J850214 via e-mail
G850228 black, but with brown fingerboard (may be worn?) eBay
J850096 brown fingerboard eBay
G850228 eBay
A850210 Germany
[AX45 Pic]
1985 model, see above. The AX45RD is red, H-S-S with two volume, one tone and a 3-way toggle switch.
J850033 eBay
G850236 eBay
[AX48 Pic]
1985 model, see above. The AX48WH is white, H-S-H with two volume, one tone and a 3-way toggle.
G850069 On ICW
1985 model. Headless bolt-on neck which didn't require special strings. Basswood body. Maple neck, 34-inch scale 24-fretted rosewood fingerboard. Two humbuckers, passive electronics with a balance knob, plus volume and tone. Available in both black and white.
1986 model. The '86 guitars were headless and had active electronics.
The AX70 has two humbuckers.
C860012 Argentina
[AX75 Pic]
1986 model, see above. A humbucker and two single coils.
C860104 eBay
A860145 normal black, not silver eBay
B860187 "ok and original, it's a black one" Germany
1986 model? Active electronics.
I'm assuming it's like the AXB60, but this has five strings.
I believe this is refered to as "the Steinberger model". It is a neck-through design.