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Nathan, nate, nvw.
Usually hiding somewhere away from his old college.

Website lore

The Extensive Website The first website I ever made was called "The Extensive Website: Coming soon!" I *did* know what extensive meant when I was in seventh grade, I just didn't realize the work it would take to get there. A year or two after initially uploading my project to Angelfire, I added the Computer Showroom page that you see now on the resurrected version. Since I was just learning HTML, it took up a lot of time, but I ended up with the start of a neat technical reference. (I guess...)

Flag of Japan Another website I made was a journal of my adventures in Japan. Basically, instead of trying to explain to my school friends, via AOL IM, "No, I'm not sick, I'm in Japan", I proved it with this website. My parents and other relatives really got a kick out of it, too. Halfway through writing this summary, I looked at it again. And I got a kick out of remembering what I'd done and seen. It didn't take a lot of work at all, but ended up being priceless to me.

View of Tegucigalpa After a mission trip, I put up a very practical site that was mainly just pictures from Honduras. I couldn't have done it without a very nice shell script my Dad made that (with a few modifications) did everything for me. [Thanks Dad! But now I think that my new utility is better...] It was a quick site made to let others see some pictures that I wanted to share.

This website is sort of a "catch all" website. Hopefully it won't become an Internet junk drawer. There are many things that I can share best through a website, and they show up here eventually.
I hope you like it. "Questions? Comments? Smart Remarks...?" e-mail me, I'll read it.