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This post was written on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 around 11 PM.
   "I'm almost there, but I'm still here." Or something like that. I've been working slowly on a number of new posts, but still nothing's ready to go up yet. I'm feeling a bit more ready to continue my journeys here, though perhaps in a modified form. More on that a bit later. The funny thing is, these last three years are finally starting to make sense. A little at least. I'm not sure how to expound on that, so I'll just leave it there for now.
   You can expect to see some serious changes at this web address, but you can also expect that to not happen as soon as I'd like. The plan is to combine my main site with this one, while trying out several new ideas. As mentioned before, I'd really like to get away from this pre-fab blog pattern and design something myself.
   I'll try to keep most of the gory technical details contained away from my audience here. But let me say -- I'm hoping I can get some 'under-the-hood' work done that makes this site more meaningful for you and more interesting for me. I've got some interactive webpage code which I starting developing early last month, that I'd like to finish and try out for real. I'm also itching to get practice in a great new(ish) computer language that I am finally getting into. Allegedly, I could use its techniques to get a new site up in 15 minutes, but since I've only got a month of homework left I might not stake my chances.
   Thanks to all you who have kept checking back in at either of my sites. Sorry I haven't had much here for you. I pray that the continued time away from this will only make me more responsible with it in the coming years.
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