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This post was written on Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 around 3 PM.
   I've been learning lately that a job is not worth getting worked up about. I remember one spring during high school, with about $7 in my bank account, wondering how I would put gas in my truck for the long drive to school. My summer job application had already been rejected by McDonald's. I was responsible to remain in the black and on the track - but I no idea how I was even going make it to my prospectless summer. But eventually I came to believe that God would somehow provide for this high schooler who was destined for life in the basement of the Rockford Rescue Mission.
   Well, my Dad came to me lending a twenty one week, and by the next week I was hired over the phone for the good-paying job of mowing fancy properties around Freeport. I learned to trust God through that situation...something I have since nearly forgotten. That's one of two things I've been convicted of lately. The other is an unforgiving attitude towards my contemporaries at this school, as you can see from the previous post.
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