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The freelance question

This post was written on Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 around 2 PM.
   Extinguished Scholar Photography. Does that have a ring to it?
   I think my parents would want me to grow up and drop these glamour job dreams. Everybody wants a gig working on the next big-screen marvel, so it's safer to assume that no one will get the spot. Sadly, this seems to be almost true. Life as an artist-type in the big city would be pretty cutthroat, plus the only potable water for miles would taste like chlorinated kiddie pool.
   Here in the midwest we aren't quite sure what a professional production looks like, so we sometimes look for qualifications instead of quality. I have met this already while photographing things on campus. "What class is that for?" "Are you an art major or something?" - ....well, no. I have (on several occasions) been put to rest with a snide parting word in return for the mental upheaval that my existence caused these students. Sorry guys, I guess I should get back to cutting your lawn. [But I'll be enjoying myself....cue jealousy.]

   Still, I've been wondering lately what it would take to do freelance multimedia work. Through the years I've enjoyed coding websites, pressing "record" and taking pictures. I'm a lot of experience and hard work away from having mad skillz in any of these areas. But once college fades away, I must decide whether to pursue that dream or to answer the phone for people who have too much spyware on their Windows boxes.
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