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This post was written on Wednesday, November 30th, 2005 around 3 PM.
   Last weekend I unxepectedly came across a helpful printed article. The cover of a low-circulation, cheaply printed magazine had *words* on it, so I naturally started reading. A good way into the publication, I came across the piece that nearly inspired me to change fields, away from my delight in the inner workings of digital gadgetry. It also shed some light on my distaste and mistrust towards too many things "church". Thankfully, I found the whole article reprinted on the author's blog, so I don't have to quote it extensively. The bulk of the article is already a collection of powerful quotes about how pastors are falling into a "9 to 5" mentality in their work. I don't want to fall into that compartmentalized routine with any job I take, and I'd be encouraged if my pastor didn't either. Although we manage to stay busy all day anyway, the warnings about the dreaded burnout help us feel okay neglecting God's Word. It's not because we didn't spend enough time on ourselves that we're tired. Life is a battle, not a rat race.
   The last quotation, from F. D. Shafer, really made me long for the privilege of a study full of books and the responsiblity of reading them. More important, though, is the recommendation that I believe applies to everyone: "Throw him into the ring to box with God till he learns how short his arms are; engage him to wrestle with God all through the night. Let him come out only when he is bruised and beaten into being a blessing."
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