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This post was written on Friday, October 21st, 2005 around 4 PM.
   Although canoeing is enjoyable to me, fishing is not my thing. And there's something fishy about the second paragraph in my overlong previous post. I'm not talking about the appeal to hackneyed literature, although I'm quite sick of 1984 references. Now there is one on my own website...
   The bound journals room of my college's modest library seemed like a potential place to get some math homework done. There's nothing too distracting about boxes of microfilm and wired-together sets of the Journal of economic entomology. Unfortunately for Differential Equations, soon after getting my textbook, paper and pencil arranged in front of me I discovered that the spot of carpet I had chosen was directly beneath the National Geographic collection. The set went back to Volume 18. Gently leafing through the pages of any book nearly a century old is exhilirating - but this wasn't just published in 1907. It was about 1907 and from the perspecitve of 1907. After learning a bit about using a 'kodak' and 'bioscope' in arctic conditions, I flipped to the front and was treated to an illustrated article on flying machines by Alexander Graham Bell. I eventually put the book back on the shelf, but was too shocked to do anything more than a problem and a half of my homework.
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