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Post #13

This post was written on Thursday, October 27th, 2005 around 11 PM.
   Sometime a while back, I must have created a blank rough draft of a post. Since I hadn't entered a title, WordPress just named it "Post #13". I liked the ring of it, so I kept it for use as the actual thirteenth public post.
   Where to go from "Post #13"? I'm enjoying this interactive-style website and might keep it going for a little while. Looking back, my posts seem more varied then I thought they would be. I'm still figuring out what will make a site like this worth people's interest.
   For starters, I'd like to improve the layout. I'm still using the same often-used blog template this site started with. Blog is a yuppie word. Eventually I'd like to make this look less like a blog and more like...I dunno. I guess a little bit more like my other site, except keeping the community feel.
   I'd also like to put more into each post. Like finding and responding to something that intrigues me. Or discovering something that others might like to hear about. In order to do this, I'd either have to figure out who I'm posting for, or post so often that people can find some sort of signal in the noise. It would be neat to have more people around to respond with things like "That sounds like a bad idea!" or "You really should go be a rock star." Of course, the overall quality of comments so far makes up for any imagined lack of visitors. If anything, it's something I can look back on, to see how my perspective and my heart have changed over time. One blog I often enjoy (although the most recent posts and pictures haven't been particularly up my alley) has the tagline "...so google can organize my head". I like that.
   The other plan is to do more homework. I don't know how that fits in with this site, but I do want to get a little better at that sort of stuff.
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