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This post was written on Wednesday, October 12th, 2005 around 11 AM.
   The mass and energy of a closed system is conserved, so they say. I have been following a couple blogs for a while and yesterday I came to realize an important prerequisite for opening my mouth: listening. I was inspired by a couple posts that were made in response to various books the authors had read. I thought: boy, I don't read much anymore. So what has my philosophy, my opinions and my spoutings been based on lately? Though it might not speak directly to this situation, Matthew 18:8-20 comes to mind, especially verses 14 and 18. I suppose there are better references as well.
   Why it took blog browsing to clue me in, I don't know. I suppose it's obvious to many that if you don't listen, you won't learn - and so won't have much to say. I hope that I make time to take in a little more than I spew. I am inspired by the first part of the first sentence on a recent Epiginoskein post: "I just finished reading a book...." There is a danger to this as well. Erudite Theological Doctorate Jim West is a negative example when he makes posts like this. He seems to read quite a bit...of modernist B.S.
   I've got plenty of reading material, above and on both sides of my desk. If I could devote more energy to the book by my bed, then I may also benefit from the mass of knowledge that surrounds me. Not that knowledge should be my chief end. But that's the topic of some other post, once I have read a bit more on the subject.
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