The history museum was fairly short, and not so bad. I learned positively nothing except that Tokyo used to have a different name. It's on the tip of my fingers, but I can't quite seem to recall it. Basically, the museum was an ancient Japanese village. You could go in and touch stuff. It didn't last too long, so I don't have deep, dark memories of the awful time at the museum. It wasn't too bad. Nothing but this little English brochure was written or spoken in a language I could comprehend. They tried to make it seem like day and night were happening by dimming the lights and projecting stuff on a wall. Creative use of technology.
You'll notice that I jumped right into the narrative. Did it capture your attention? It sure caught mine.
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What else did we do yesterday, you might ask? Well, to answer that question is exactly why I'm here. After the museum, we walked back to the subway station. We had taken a taxi from the station to the museum, but on the way back, we walked back to the subway station. But you already know that we walked back to the subway station. Anyway, we walked back to the subway station. (Content space increase design in the hypertext continuage.) On the way, we saw an ordinary street on Japan. Also we ate at McDonalds. It was yum yum. The beef wasn't quite as good though. Oh well.
Once we got home, I waited around for my older cousin to come home from school. He came home from school. Then we went to Tokyo American Club, which is kind of like a YMCA, except different. We borrowed some movies there, and then went home. Then we watched them all, one after another. Ernest Goes To Africa. Titan AE. Star Trek: First Contact. In that order. My brain is probably total mush right now, I just don't know it. I think I've watched too many movies here. But wait! Lo, before we turned our brains to mush, me and my cousin worked on "Coffee". A very nifty song that he and some of his youth group buddies made up. We are working on perfecting it.
There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are literally impaired but would enjoy a few photographs. After all (I'll throw an adage[that might make a good chord progression] in here) a picture is worth a thousand words. Last night, I held a CD and manual for Adobe Photoshop LE in my hands. But now it is gone, alas. But setbacks like this never stopped me. No, sir (or ma'am)! In fact, I enjoy a good setback every now and then. Speaking of setbacks, something else happened yesterday that wasn't a setback. Me and older cousin unit successfully rescued some pictures from the clutches of an evil memory card. Yippee!
Well, I think that's all my mushed up cranium can write for now. I must have breakfast, so me and my cousin can go hang out at an electronics district, then come home and go on a graphics editting blitz. Y'all come back now, y'hear!
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