Wow. Update number four already. I never thought I'd see the day. But now I am talking to three people online at a time, and trying to work on this, so it might end up being a little choppy. Like all the others. Oh well. But let's begin, shall we?
The electronics district was really nifty. We did four major things of importance. I shall now relate these four things in somewhat chronological order. Okay, maybe five. We first got off the subway train. (That's not one). We went to a used computer parts store. It was small but nifty. Then we went to a five story music store. That was nifty also. After the music store we went to McDonald's. Yum, yum! Good Japanese glue, er, um hor-beef! It was beef, I swear! It wasn't that bad, but just not quite the same as we have in the U.S. Okay, now we must go-go-go in twenty minutes. So relaxing here.
After McDonald's, we went to the actual famous Akihabara sort of inside/underground yet outside wholesale market. You need a switch? Go there. A 50 ohm resistor, go there. A transformer the size of a large cat? Go there. Pretty nifty. At times it would be nice to have one right down the street from me. Niftage.
Then we went to a big electronics store. Just your normal premade computers, video/digital cameras, etc. I want a G4 cube for Christmas. Think we could put a Linux partition on it, Dad? Anyway, after that, we went back to the music store and I bought a cheap yet nice guitar stand (hope I can get it home), and then went to the used computer parts and I bought a mouse. That's my souveneir, I guess.
Well I should wrap this up and get ready to leave. I should tack whatever I left out on the beginning of Japan Update #6.
And just because, I won't include a link to the main page.