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First Impressions: A week with a new camera

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impressions1.html Hannah practices violin
impressions2.html We took a stroll with cameras
impressions3.html Testing out the focus beneath a tree
impressions4.html A pink flower, but you could see that already
impressions5.html N for Neenah Foundry
impressions6.html A Bobcat under load
impressions7.html Yellow flower
impressions8.html Jasmine, the friendly yapper
impressions9.html A dragonfly on yellow celosia
impressions10.html More celosia, an annual worth planting
impressions11.html A bumpy 4 second exposure
impressions12.html Meeting a semi
impressions13.html Beef cow lowing
impressions14.html Sun through a coniferous tree
impressions15.html A ripening ear of corn
impressions16.html A horse or two
impressions17.html An old Ford grain truck
impressions18.html Ear corn scrunched into a bin
impressions19.html Trying to remake an old website picture
impressions20.html No lens gradient
impressions21.html Construction equipment
impressions22.html A nail in a utility pole
impressions23.html An electric tower after dusk
impressions24.html Project 86 guitarist Randy Torres
impressions25.html A different dragonfly
impressions26.html Ripe grapes on the vine
impressions27.html A pastel swirl in a stiff breeze
impressions28.html The entrance to the Good Wood Shop
impressions29.html A leather planter on a landing
impressions30.html Brick barn seen over corn
impressions31.html An old light bulb socket
impressions32.html Blue Ribbon beer can
impressions33.html Barbed wire coils
impressions34.html A grasshopper in the field
impressions35.html Spider web in a doorway
impressions36.html Composition borrowed
impressions37.html Skirmish with a spare shell
impressions38.html A warning lest ye tamper with the flowers
impressions39.html A monarch in the migration
impressions40.html Hannah waiting to bowl