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Better Than Padre

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Instead of going on an expensive class trip to South Padre Island, Texas, we made "Better Than Padre."
These songs are copyright, in addition to (c), those who wrote them. But we all give you permission to copy them to listen to. If you sell them for a profit, let us know how you did it. Credits:
Starring Luke Larson, Jordan McDonald, Nathan Vander Wilt, Jacoby Young
Produced by: Jordan McDonald
Engineered by: Nathan Vander Wilt, except for "How We Feel About Lullabies". Nobody mixed that one.

Music by: Jay-Jay Y
Drums: Jordan "The Best Beat-boxer on the right-hand side of Lundvall" McDonald
Guitar: Luke Larson
Tickity Guitar: nvw
Organ: nvw
And Cheaper Too (lyrics)
Words/music by: nvw
Bass: Jordan McDonald
Loud Guitar: Luke Larson
Quiet Guitar: nvw
Vocals: Nathan Vander Wilt, Jordan McDonald
Birds Watching Four Track
Music by: The birds, Jordan McDonald
Birds: Rockford Coalition of Songbirds, as recorded by nvw's little computer thingy
Instruments: Jordan McDonald
How We Feel About Metal-in-a-can
Music by: Jordan McDonald
Acoustic Guitar: Jordan McDonald
Drums: Jacoby Young
Bass: nvw
Electric Guitar: Luke Larson
Piano/Organ: Jordan McDonald
Birds: Rockford Coalition of Songbirds
How We Feel About Lullabies
Music by: What music??
Scream guitar: Jacoby Young
Chunky guitar: Luke Larson
Monster bass: Jordan McDonald
Killer drums: Nathan Vander Wilt
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