Software tidbits


you can find a prettier page with whole applications on it in my projects section.

So...why am I here?

This page is where I'll post links to patches, notes and such. You're welcome to browse.


My interests are currently centered on things like digital pictures and their organization, computer linguistics, the math behind it all and the people who will learn to use the results.
I am learning to develop under FLTK, SQLite and other libraries using C/C++. I am also working on JavaScript and web programming, and dabbling a little in LISP. I hope to create multi-platform (though my recommendation is to just get a Mac) applications that friends, family and others can enjoy and find useful.
Here are some libraries I developed, improved or fixed for use in my own programs. They are released in various stages of completion, under several licenses and with no warranty.


I haven't posted some of these yet - contact me to discuss works-in-progress.
This is a secret labyrinth beneath natevw's website.