This is Update #5, 12.2.2000@4:26JST, signing on.
This update, Update #5, must cover a day and a half. This is because Update #4 only covered a half of a day. I hope you noticed that the spiffy little update date/time thing is back in existence. But since this update is supposed to be long and informationous, I'll start giving you some real data.
I just noticed that I had said that I would tack whatever was left on the beginning of Update #6. I don't know why I said that, but right now I am officially amending that statement to say Update #5, since that is what I meant anyway. Of course, I could go back and change it, and probably no one would notice, couldn't I?
Okay, so we were back from Akihabara. And a little tiny bit bored. The computer was probably occupied. So, we decided to take the amp up on the roof. To do this had been a lifelong dream of both me and Lucas. So, we began to look for extension cords, as their are no outlets on their roof. We couldn't find any, so we went down (or rather, up) to the corner "electronics" store which sells mostly toasters, bread machines, light bulbs and extension cords. The longest one was 5 meters for 1100 yen. That's $10, and not even long enough! So we went back home and called Lucas' dad, who is, by the way, my uncle. He said they were in the garage. So we went down to the garage, and, alas, there, they, were! We plugged it into the wall. Interesting note: their plugs here are about 120 Volts, not sure what frequency, but stuff that works in the United States works here. Except almost none of the plugs have the ground prong in them. But we were dragging stuff onto the roof. We next brought the guitars up, then the amp. Then we jammed a little and took a few pictures. On my trip down from the roof to get the cameras, I noticed that I left black sooty tracks on my aunt's nice white carpet. The roof has a layer of black soot on it, which I had proceeded to bring down with me. Yummage! It vacuumed/vaccuumed/vacuummed/[how is this word spelled anyway?] up quite nicely. So we did get sick of being up on the roof and being sootified, so we brought everything down again. Not something to do again, but glad we did it.
After that excitement, we went to Lucas's youth group. Very cool. We got lost on the way, though. It's a nice thing Lucas has a spiffy little cell phone. Keitai. Keitai denwa, rather. So we got unlost kind of quickly. Kind of, that is. Mos Burger needs bigger signs. Anyway, once we got to youth group, it was really cool. Hung out with my new friends, and also learned/realized quite a bit.
Okay, that about brings us to yesterday morning. We left to see Mount Fuji fairly early in the morning. Okay, about 10:30, but it seemed fairly early. It was a long car trip, but it was kind of nice to be in a car again. That was only the third time this trip that I had been in a car. After the airport, to church, Mount Fuji. It was a pretty long car trip, but still nifty. It was not hard to see how they thought it was a god. It is huge, especially compared to the other mountains. It rises above everything, it seems. But we didn't worship it. Just took pictures.
When we got home, we soon got to the computer and worked on this website. I might post this update before I post the fruits of last night's labor, but just so you know, the site is looking better. Better, not perfect, but better. Practice makes better.
We worked on the website 'til about 10:30 and then went to bed. Then we got up about 7:15 and looked for breakfast. Their is a fine odor coming out of the bread machine on the counter. It smelled like cinamon rolls, so me and Lucas decided to wait for breakfast. Now he is watching cartoons, and I am working on this update. I am not quite sure what we are doing today.
What will Update #6 contain? I don't know.