Things I've done in Japan

Alright. Where to start?
Let's start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with: A, B, C
When you sing you
- whatever.
Okay, I left O'Hare airport about noon (well, the plane didn't take off until about 12:30 I think). The flight was long (13 hours), but I didn't get bored. (By the way, the keyboard I'm typing this on has a down arrow key that doesn't work until about the fourth press. Quite an annoyance.) On the flight, the food was good. I drank a lot of juice. (Did you know that when the plane goes through turbulence, they put the seatbelt light on, and you can't go and use the bathroom until it turns off?) I also watched The Patriot and Frequency. The Patriot was by far a lot better. Frequency had a nifty plot, but was kind of hard to follow. Note: I saw the editted version of Frequency. I don't know if the regular version had a lot of bad junk in it, so just don't go out and buy it just because I watched it on the plane. Not that you would. Whatever.
Wow, I've got a good sized paragraph, and I'm not even off the plane yet.
Okay. We landed, that was fun. It's kind of like a really really tame roller coaster. Not bad at all. In fact, I wouldn't have minded just a tad bit more excitement. Well, not really, because there is a fine line between excitement and fear of the plane scraping along the runway igniting the fuel in the wings, and I'll stop now. I'll wish for more excitement when I'm home, done flying.
But now I'm off the plane, in Narita airport. I think that's the name. I got off the plane and walked down the long hallways to immigration, which was no prob. Then customs, which was no prob. They have really nice carts here, and they're free, too. They have brakes on them that release when you are squeezing the handle. They can go up and down the escalators, too. Wow! Welcome to Japan. Then I met up with my oldest to cousins, and my uncle. We drove to their nifty abode through rush hour traffic. Oh yeah, on the way we got some yummy Japanese juice at a convenience store. I like alot of Japan's juice/pop/beverages. Maybe I should include a picture of a pop machine. I need to go out with their digital camera and just take a bunch of pictures. I've already taken some, but I'm not to that part yet. Quit interrupting my story...
The ride home had a few more events, but I don't want y'all to get bored.
We got home, we probably did something, but I don't remember exactly what. Oh yeah, we ate supper. Yum yum. My aunt is an awesome cook.
The next day day was that?
I'll leave a space for it when I figure out what it was.

Maybe the next day was Saturday. If it was, then I did paintball the next day. This is nifty. I've never had a website with any real purpose to it. I did paintball on Saturday with my cousins' youth group. Pretty nifty. Do you want to hear about it? Maybe later. I have other stuff to do, and plenty more to talk about. Like public baths.
Saturday night, I think it was, we went to a public bath. I'll spare you most of the details, but ignoring certain aspects, it was alright. The water was really hot. It was kind of refreshing, although it did make me feel a little faint. Outside of the window I hear an emergency vehicle. They all have just one siren: a real slow wee oh wee oh wee oh wee oh. Not real exciting. They look kind of weird too, but I was talking about public baths. Actually I was just about done talking about public baths. We walked back home and hung out until bedtime.
We probably played Age of Empires. Actually no, that was before, wasn't it? Saturday night we messed around with the electric guitar, electric bass and keyboard. The keyboard was electric too. My uncle had just bought the electric guitar while the older children, myself and sister (I forgot to tell you my sister came too, didn't I?) included, were at paintball. Are you following all this ramblage?
Sunday morning we all went to the 8:00 church service. It was really neat. God is alive here, too. Only about 1% of Japan's population is Christian. That kind of means that there aren't too many "complacent"/"nominal" Christians, but not really because there are some here, too. What defines a "complacent" Christian anyway? Church was cool, then Sunday School was neat too. It's always good to see how different churches do different things, and this church in Tokyo was no different.
After church, we went to an Indian (not Native American, think about it) restaurant. The had something called...I forget the name, oh yeah...nan (pronounced not) bread. So when you say it, it sounds funny. "Let's order some non-bread" If it's not bread, what is it...? A little bit of humor there. You could give a polite little laugh so as to not hurt my feelings. Nan bread and curry. Yum yum. Almost as good as my aunt's cooking. Then we went home. Later that day, me and my cousin went to a really nice car dealership. They sold Lamborghinis. And Porsches. And some other nicer cars, too, but even the Porsches were boring compared to the totally awesome Lamborghini Diablo GT. We took some pictures of these on their digital camera already, but they aren't quite ready for posting yet. Soon, I hope.
Then we went to church. Maybe we ate supper, then went to church. Or vice versa. I am not sure what we had for supper, I think lasagna. Or that might have been Saturday. I don't remember when, but sometime while I was here, my aunt made really good lasagna. Back to the evening service, though. We went early because my two older cousins are in the youth praise band and were going to practice. I ended up singing with them during the service. Pretty fun. Then we went home, I think. And maybe ate supper, unless we had beforehand. Then we hung out, I played Age of Empires until late and then went to bed. Which brings us to this morning. I woke up early, again. (Probably jet lag) So I went online, and talked with a few friends back in the United States. I was going to work on home work, but then I got started with this. My cousins are off at school now, and my aunt is going to take us to see some of her perspective of Japan. So, I'd better wrap this up for now. Hopefully, I can get you all updates later as I move into the future. As it is, I can only recall more of the past, and shape the present. (Wasn't that a dramatic way to end?)

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