Japan: My Perspective

(That sounds kind of overdramatic)
Japan is, in a word...nifty. It is a lot different than the United States, mostly in a good way. Not to say the U.S. is messed up and backwards, which it is kind of, but I won't get into all that, because this is about Japan, not the United States. Anyway...
Note: I will allow myself to ramble so it looks like there's more content here than there really is. This is called "content space increase design in the hypertext continuage" and is used by professional web designers like me to show lack of real information.

So...Japan. Where I am at in a suburb of Tokyo, it is kind of crowded. At least it seems like it to me, being from rural farmland in Illinois. Compared to Chicago, I think there are less people on the sidewalks in this area. My cousin's apartment is actually in a really quiet neighborhood. (Until I arrived). There are very narrow streets kind of in a maze all through the residential areas. There is no plan or design to the roads. Sometimes you'll come to an 'L' "intersection", or a 'T' intersection, or a "Y" intersection, or a "+" intersection. Maybe some pictures from this area later.
We are close to a subway station here. I could get to it on my own by now, which means it is a simple route to it. Otherwise I would end up lost in a land where people try to communicate with you in a language totally incomprehensible to the average gaijin (foreigner). The subway stations are often quite crowded. But they're not as bad as biking down the sidewalks, trying to keep up with my "aggresive" cousin. So much for defensive driving. But now this stuff probably belongs with Things I did.