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Over the years I have become quite familiar with computers. I know LOGO, BASIC/Visual BASIC, HTML (I made this site with a text editor), and can also do some assembly language with or without an assembler if I use a 'cheat sheet'. I would like to learn C++/Visual C++ and JavaScript. I own 2 older computers, a TRS-80 Model III and a TRS-80 Color Computer 2. I use a Apple /// computer, which has an Apple ][ emulator for it. I am including a link to the specs on what we call our 'museum pieces'.

Click to go to my Computer FAQ page, which needs some questions from you.

I am looking for the following:

Please e-mail me if you have stuff you would like to sell or get rid of. Also, if you have a Technical Reference book that you don't want to sell, but wouldn't mind sharing information out of, please email to the same place. I have some information on all the computers I have that I wouldn't mind sharing with you if you have a specific question.
Here are some pictures of computers:

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