Hjonify v1.4ish

Hjonify main window


Hjonify is a program that converts a string to its HTML-ready ASCII (HTML) form, optionally copying the result to the clipboard.
Perhaps there's something on your website that you don't want obvious to web robots?

How to use Hjonify

Open it up and figure it out.


I got the idea from my friend Hjon's Mac console program. He heard about it through his brother, I think. His brother might have seen it on some website somewhere...or maybe gremlins whispered it in his ear.
(update) I have been informed that the original inspiration for the console program was an OS X utility called SpamStopper from RAILhead Design. Hjonify is not as specialized.
Hjonify is the first program I wrote using the FLTK Libraries. They allowed me to write a little something like this in about 50 lines. It could be done in less.
Hjonify is (c) 2004 Nathan Vander Wilt. You may download a copy for your own personal use. There is no warranty.


At the moment, I only have Hjonify compiled for Windows. Many-platform source code is included with the Windows version. If this program tickles your fancy contact me, and I'll let Hjon know.