Letter Frequency v0.8

Letter Frequency main window


Letter Frequency is a program that often allows you to analyze and collect text sources from a file or via HTTP/1.0.
You can also have it guess at what language the currently loaded sample is written in.

How to use flCaptionater

Getting started

You can try to use Letter Frequency for simple statistics by typing in a path to a file and pressing 'Go'. (This may cause the program to lock up occasionally. Not much graceful error detection going on here...)

Storing samples

Once you've got a sample analyzed, you can quickly store it in a database file. Type in a name for your database in the top right - then press 'Open DB'. If the file is not corrupt and contains data, it will be loaded. Otherwise the file will be created sparkly new.
Now you can add the entry on the left to the database on the right. Type in the language the sample is written in, and a short name for the sample. Press 'Add Entry'. It hopefully will be added in.

Matching it up

There are different scoring methods you can choose. Once you've chosen one, pushing 'Match' will automatically rank the samples. The top one is supposedly the closest match according to the scoring method. No plugins are supported.


This program was written as a part of a project for Dr. Leendert van Beek's Linguistics 301 class at Dordt College. It is the first non-trivial GUI and object-oriented application I wrote. I haven't improved it significantly since presenting on it at the of the Fall 2004 semester.
Letter Frequency stores statistics in an experimental-format database file that you choose. Should you suspect trouble with your database, delete it and start over. I provide no guarantee that this program will work.
The user interface of flCaptionater is built using the FLTK Libraries which allowed me to easily conjure up boxes and buttons. The results are displayed in Jason Bryan's Flu_Tree_Browser, and the HTML interface uses a modified version of René Nyffenegger's Socket classes.
Letter Frequency is (c) 2004 Nathan Vander Wilt. You may download a copy for your own personal use. There is absolutely no warranty on this product. Be warned that it doesn't always work very well.


At the moment, I only have Letter Frequency compiled for Windows. If you would like the source code, please contact me. This program is an alpha version.