flCaptionater v1.1

flCaptionater main window


flCaptionater is a program that allows you to quickly enter captions for a folder full of digital pictures.
You can also optionally type in a short category or rating for each picture.

How to use flCaptionater

Getting started

flCaptionater will load all the .jpg files in the folder you set. Many Canon digital cameras store a thumbnail (.thm) of the movies they make, and so if flCaptionater finds an .avi file, it will try to show the thumbnail that goes with it.
The first time you run flCaptionater, you will need to choose a folder to start in right away. It is recommended that you select the main folder that all your pictures are in. Once you have selected a folder, flCaptionater will search through the folder and its subfolders for pictures. Each one it finds will be shown in the left hand side of the window.

Captioning pictures

Once you've got some pictures loaded, you can quickly add captions. Type a detailed (yet brief) description of the picture. Hit the Enter key. The next picture will automatically be shown, ready for you to give it a caption!
If you want to slow yourself down slightly, you can also type in a category. Pressing the 'Tab' key will jump to the category/rating box. After you press Enter, the next picture will be shown, ready for you to caption.


Going further

Changing it up

If you want to caption a different folder of pictures, you can use the "Select root directory..." from the file menu to point flCaptionater where you want.

Text captioned pictures

flCaptionater currently supports two ways of dealing with text files. The following dialogs can be accessed from the Tools menu.


flCaptionater stores your captions in a SQLite database file named flcapt.db, which should be accessible via any SQLite client. Should you suspect trouble with your database, feel free to contact flCaptionater's author.
The user interface of flCaptionater is built using the FLTK Libraries which allowed me to easily conjure up buttons and menubars. The filename list currently uses Jason Bryan's Flu_Tree_Browser, the image display is pinched from Michael Sweet's flPhoto source code and the EXIF data is read using Davide Pizzololato's jhead-based library found on a forum somewhere. This program also uses a patched version of Greg Ercolano's Fl_Native_File_Chooser, which is distributed along with the source.
flCaptionater is (c) 2004-2005 Nathan Vander Wilt, and distributed under the terms of the GPL on which flPhoto is based.


At the moment, I only have flCaptionater compiled for Windows. Other binaries should be available eventually. If you have trouble compiling, please contact me.