Coffee. What does that word mean to you?
My whole perspective and outlook towards coffee has been radically changed ever since I came to Japan. Also my perspective on cheap sound cards made somewhere in Singapore or North Korea.
Okay, now that I have your attention, I would
Oh, wow!!! Look out the window!!!!!!!! It's huge!!!!!!!! Woah! Better get your biggest flyswatter!! Oh, wow! Dude!!
I would like to introduce my first record cut. It may even be on a mini-disc. We have the technology, here. But after the trouble getting it onto and out of the video camera, perhaps a mini-disc is not the happiest idea.
We were kind of rushed making this song, so we'll use that as our excuse for our poor musicianship. But actually, it's not so bad. My uncle just left the room saying: "That's not a bad take. Put it up!" So, I, Nathan the Great and Spiffy Web Designer 60's or 50's guitar player to the max, shall now, in front of a large audience, post this song in MP3 format on the World Wide Web for all to see and mock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lucas thinks it should be "hear", but he doesn't have a clue how wrong he is. Sad little boy, but we must humor him.) Love you, Lucas.
Well, I would include a horde of versions (the version with the fluttering EQ'ed out, the version with the fluttering, the loud version with the fluttering, our quick and snappy "Kingdom of the Dinosaurs" experiment, or our little ad lib with the guitar sounding sort of 60ish actually, as was intended.) I don't know if even the one will fit. Can you say remote loading?

Nathink and Lustink's Mochatones
Lead vocals: Lustink
Back-up vocals: Nathink
Guitar: Nathink
Bass: Lustink


The Song You've All Been Waiting For!