Extensive Web Site: Computers Here is some information on some computers we own. If you have some info that I don't have, or have a computer of interest you would like on this page, please send an e-mail to me including all the specifications that you know.


Cassette InterfaceDisk DriveSerial PortParallel PortCartridge SlotTV outputMonitor outputExternal busJoystick PortInternal ModemBarcode Reader

The Showroom Computers

Computer Name
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Approx. YearMhzCPUFeaturesComments

Apple ///

2 Joystick Ports, 2 video out, RS-232, Disk /// interface
Good Computer

TRS-80 Model 100

RS-232, Parallel, Internal modem (required cable), Cassette, Bar code reader, External bus
Very handy

TRS-80 Pocket Computer 1

Cassette tape out port
Programmed in BASIC

TRS-80 Model 3

2 Drives, RS-232, Parallel, Cassette, External Bus

Color Computer 2

Cartridge slot, 2 Joystick Ports, Serial, Cassette
Connects to TV

Commodore 64

Cassette Port, RF Output, Chainable Serial Port, Cartridge Slot, User Port (Bus), Audio-Video Connector, 2 Control (Joystick/Mouse/etc.) Ports
Nifty old computer

Commodore 128
1985?6510 & Z-80

Cassette Port, RF Output, Chainable Serial Port, Cartridge Slot, User Port, A-V Connector, Control Port, RGBI Video Port
Fully compatible with Commodore 64

Apple ][c Plus
Coming Soon!

Tandy Model 1000EX

Other Computers of Interest
NameMhzDate MadeFeaturesCommentsBrief History
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